Applied Yoga Solutions offers businesses and organizations customized meditation programs that are designed to help individuals reduce their stress response and better manage their internal mental, emotional, and physical states.

The results are improved health, a greater sense of well being and better performance.

Solution 1

Feel more in control

Clear thinking will allow you to function at your best

Solution 2

Self manage

Become more sensitive to responses that create health and well being

Solution 3

Provide oversight

Adjust your responses and restore yourself to healthy function

Solution 4

Engage talent and creativity

Locate the human potential that resides in all of us

Brain Plasticity

Brain Plasticity

Neuroscientists used to think our behavior modules were kind of fixed in place in the brain. If you have ever wanted to help someone change, it certainly seemed that way!

But a better look at brain function tells another story: genes that turn on and off, neurons into the trash bin and new ones budding. The brain's willingness to change, adapt, create new circuits, prune and create new neurons, which allows us to behave and think differently, is called brain plasticity. But how do you get inside your head and help the brain make the changes you want?

Hello Meditation. Adepts have been getting inside their heads for ages and have given humanity a vast technology for directing the mind to direct the brain or vice versa. It's an intricate dance. Let Applied Yoga Solutions help you to set goals and guide you into the territory.


"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand."

-- Confucious

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