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Thelma Gruss

Thelma Gruss RN, Certified Yoga Instructor, has been teaching Kundalini Yoga and Meditation since 1983. She is a competent and inspiring teacher who has both practiced and specialized in advanced meditation techniques for over 25 years. In addition to teaching regularly scheduled yoga & meditation classes, Thelma has conducted numerous workshops, seminars and retreats. She has provided on-site services for organizations, businesses, treatment facilities, rehabilitation programs, colleges and schools. She has also worked with healthcare workers, children, teenagers, teachers, and various groups in need of better ways to handle stress.

She founded and established the Baltimore School of Yoga in 1992 and in 2004 she established Applied Yoga Solutions.

A graduate of the Albert Einstein Medical Center, Thelma's nursing experience in Mental Health includes Psychiatric hospitals, Addiction facilities, Forensic Psychiatry, and Mobile Team for the Homeless.

Applied Yoga SOLUTIONS

Solution #1

Feel More In Control

When you feel the need for more control, the proper meditation techniques can provide you with a steady mind, calm emotions, and clear thinking that allow you to function at your best. Having more control over your internal state also makes you feel more capable of performing the task at hand. Don't let feelings of helplessness contribute to a lack of motivation, a loss of energy, or a multitude of health problems. Let quality mindfulness practices help you enjoy vitality and purpose. Consider the benefits of meditation.

Solution #2

Self Manage For Better Outcomes

Whether it's sales, marketing, production, IT or any other department, every individual is at the helm of some important organizational goal, no matter how small the task. How would each venture proceed if all persons were more steady and sure at their own wheel, instead of feeling inwardly stressed and unable to concentrate? Today's environment of overwhelming stimulation and rapid change make for rough waters. People want a sure hand but are challenged just to keep themselves steady and feeling in control. They need the time and the opportunity to monitor their internal functioning and devise personal ways to adapt.

Regular practice of the appropriate meditation provides the opportunity to know how change is affecting our internal state, and enables us to become more sensitive to responses that create a sense of health and well being. Taking time to introspect results in stronger, more comfortable and productive individuals. Consider the many benefits of meditation.

Solution #3

Provide The Necessary Oversight

Industries are spending a fortune on healthcare and ways to offset the liabilities of so much stress-related illness. They complain of little return on their investment: weight loss programs without weight loss, smoking cessation programs with people continuing to smoke, exercise clubs with at-risk people not exercising, etc. It's a disheartening battle because the problem is also outside the workplace. Some companies are asking if they should carry so much responsibility for people's health and well being even though it is directly related to profit and productivity.

The Solution? Provide the opportunity for people to effectively meditate so they can be motivated to take charge of their health and well being. What happens when our own internal systems have no oversight? When we don't take the time to monitor our internal experiences, when we don't have a system of inner management, our internal machinery is likely to malfunction and produce symptoms of stress, illness, and burn-out. Consider the benefits of regular meditation which allows individuals to monitor their internal reactions to stress, adjust their responses, and restore themselves to healthy functioning. Gaining insight helps individuals feel more confident about achieving positive results.

Solution #4

Engage Talent and Creativity

Mine for gold. Talent and creativity reside in everyone. Successful entities are often looking to employ people who show potential. They want to recruit people with talent and creativity, but do they have a plan to locate the human potential that resides in their own taskforce but is not being used in the workplace? For many individuals, the workplace represents an ideal opportunity for them to apply their talent and creativity. Meditation can be the one tool that takes people deep enough to discover their own latent abilities. Consider its benefits.

Benefits of Meditation

Although it appears innovative and novel today, meditation is one of humanity's most widely used and oldest methods for acquiring inner health and stability and likewise for tapping into some of our most extraordinary capabilities.

And it's not done yet. Meditation may serve us more today and in the future than it has ever done in the past. It can help us with challenges to instantly adapt, quickly learn, multi-task, handle sensory over load and evolve in virtual reality. Meditation helps us stay grounded and in touch with ourselves. It makes us more of who we are. With meditation we seize the opportunity to think the thoughts that we really think, to feel the feelings that are really ours, and discover our own course of action that only we can know is right. Meditation helps us to become more authentic, more strongly centered, clearer, and more able to choose healthy responses and function better.

The Benefits:

  • Become motivated and empowered to accomplish a healthy inner state for oneself
  • Use safe, non-invasive, self help tools
  • Acquire self help approaches that provide lifetime benefits
  • Get improved results with cost effective programs
  • Realize both short term and long term returns on investment
  • Enjoy better management at both individual and organizational levels
  • Lessen the liability of unhealthy stress responses
  • Gain more individual clarity and decisiveness
  • Enjoy a greater sense of peace and stability
  • Allow for more productivity
  • Benefit from more individual discernment and better decision making
  • Feel more empowered
  • Experience the feeling of improved health and a greater sense of well being


"Joy and Temperance and Repose Slam the door on the doctor's nose."

-- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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