Although Meditation is highly recommended as the Solution for many of today's ills, it is difficult to establish a good meditation practice on one's own. It is a skill best learned from a qualified teacher, and once properly taught, can become a powerful tool for life.

AYS Offers Introductory Courses and Continuing On-Site Programs

  • Consultation Services
  • Our Lunch & Learns are offered for a nominal fee and include an introduction to meditation: "Can Meditation Work for You?" Participants are given a brief intro to theory and an opportunity to practice some easy meditation techniques and also to evaluate the benefits.
  • We offer Yoga and Meditation for employee Health and Wellness Days.
  • Full day and half day Seminars and Workshops help individuals, businesses and organizations explore the basic understanding of meditation as an ancient practice and how it relates to the promising discoveries in Brain Plasticity. Especially pertinent is the opportunity to experiment with some of its techniques and learn firsthand how meditation works. Attendees will be able to make more informed decisions about the possible benefits of meditation and whether mindfulness programs will help them meet organizational goals.
  • Our Motivational Speakers present at Conventions, Health fairs, Community events, meetings for business leaders and at organized events.
  • Meditate for Better Health Programs are designed to help individuals learn how to help the body rest and restore. Stress has been linked to high blood pressure, diabetes, bowel disturbances, poor concentration, insomnia, fatigue, depression, and a host of other health related problems. Light yoga and meditation programs provide drug-free, self-help interventions.
  • On Site Meditation Programs offer the most comprehensive services. The benefits of light yoga and meditation are immediate but mastery takes more time. Our ongoing programs provide for daily, weekly or monthly instructional practice, which assist individuals in establishing their own routine and choice of meditation. They can learn:
    • The best way to start a practice
    • When to go it alone
    • How to keep up and progress
    • The steps toward mastery
    Daily on site programs can be conducted in the same time as a coffee break. Weekly 45 minute programs are highly effective. Ongoing programs for any amount of time offer support and encouragement.
  • Interior Design: A private, quiet area offers a dedicated space for individuals to practice restorative techniques that can take as little as 3, 5, 7, or 11 minutes. If you decide to incorporate an AYS recommended Rest and Restorative Area in your facility, we can design, decorate and accessorize the area and create a restful ambiance. In addition, we are happy to supply the area with music and meditation media designed to help restore, re-new and re-vitalize.


"The unexamined life is not worth living."

-- Socrates

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