"Thelma is a wonderful teacher who enjoys what she does and gets you to enjoy it, too! If I could bottle the peaceful feeling she left us with after our retreat, I'd make a million dollars!"

~ Kelly Sheridan, Mercy Associates

"I am a Professional Nurse and I have known and admired Thelma Gruss for a number of years. In the past I spent 10 years as a student in her Yoga classes and the experience was transformative. With her wisdom, presence and skilled teaching, I was able to master skills and insights which have enriched my life. Chief among them was learning to meditate and find a peaceful center to balance the stresses of my life. Thelma shares her knowledge with humor and compassion. She is a wonderful and effective communicator whom I can recommend wholeheartedly."

~ Sincerely, Cynthia Parker, RN

I think of you and our work together from time to time. It always reminds me of the clarity I felt after doing the postures and movement. The clarity and serenity stayed with me for days. The memory is still with me after these several years. I recommend your work so highly."

~ Bonnie Kaufman, Teacher

"Thelma is a great yoga teacher for many reasons. By sharing her thorough knowledge of the chakras throughout the class, Thelma makes it easier to remember the movements and connect them to life. She speaks in a gentle voice, suggests adjustments to the positions in a kind yet clear manner directed at the particular level of the student. She is truly one of the most welcoming people I have ever met. I walk out of every class feeling better in body and soul."

~ Kathryn Jansak, Analyst

"Thelma is a gift and blessing. She has been my teacher and mentor for 10 years and alone her presence creates a safe space that allows me to do the hard work of self discovery. I trust her guidance completely and have been rewarded by connecting with the sacred space within."

~ Christine Brown, Occupational Therapist


"The... patient should be made to understand that he or she must take charge of his own life. Don't take your body to the doctor as if he were a repair shop."

-- Quentin Regestein

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